The Workshop

Competence, experience and quality

Since it was founded, we at Hülskens have relied on our own competent team. Over the decades, our employees in the workshop at the port in Wesel have constantly evolved with developments in machine technology. Young skilled workers are trained directly by us. For this reason, the workshop is still a modern and highly qualified part of the group of companies today.

Great technical knowledge and experience are concentrated here. Thanks to the cooperation between the various departments and the motivation of the specialist fitters, foremen, technicians and engineers, all challenges are mastered here - both nationally and internationally. In order to be able to maintain this standard, we have our work continuously checked by external bodies:

Our departments

  • Steel construction and fitting
  • Electrical engineering
  • Machine shop
  • Construction machinery
  • Turning shop

Our projects

  • Project planning and construction of gravel works
  • Implementation of entire floating units
  • Construction and commissioning of floating solar systems

The Work Boat

Our unique all-rounder

For our demanding work we need special tools and equipment. Not only do they have to meet the safety requirements (DIN 1914: 2016), they also have to be able to cope with our work-related challenges. Since there was simply no boat on the market that could do all this, we at Hülskens designed and built it ourselves. Our work boat was born.

The work boat is approved for six people, carries up to 1,600 kilograms and is very safe thanks to its high dead weight of 3,400 kilograms. Its areas of application are hydraulic engineering and the wet extraction of sand and gravel. But also state institutions such as water and shipping authorities can use our work boat.

Our all-rounder in numbers

  • 6.87 metres long and 2.19 metres wide
  • Five millimetre thick steel with a flat bottom
  • 3,400 kilograms empty weight
  • 1,600 kg payload
  • 0.97 metre maximum draft
  • Unsinkable due to the dimensioning of the air boxes and particularly high residual buoyancy
  • Water-cooled 55 kW diesel engine (level 5)

Manufactured by Hülskens GmbH & Co. KG
Distributed by World Dredgers BV