Suction Dredgers

World Dredgers has earned a reputation amongst its customers for constructing, converting or modernizing suction dredgers in a manner that makes them suitable for the purposes of sand/gravel extraction.

World Dredgers BV is considered to be the preferred supplier for automated suction dredgers.

World Dredgers independently develops standardised concepts for the construction of the most efficient and highest performing suction dredgers which can achieve the highest yields.

These concepts can of course be technically adapted to customer-specific wishes and requirements.

The advantage of constructing dredgers in a standardised manner consists in the fact that almost all components are in stock so that a downtime of suction dredgers due to lengthy repair works and an associated loss of productivity can be avoided.

World Dredgers’ suction dredgers stand out due to their design which resembles the design of ships and the high standard of their electrical control system.

Every suction dredger produced by World Dredgers comprises the following basic equipment by default: computer-controlled suction pipe automation, frequency-controlled dredge pumps, automatic speed control, a dredge control system (SURVEY) designed by us, electromagnetic speed measuring devices and electronic pressure sensors.

We develop and produce the equipment for the automated operation of the suction dredgers and the control units for controlling the dredgers in-house.