New Construction

We offer both diesel-powered and fully electrically operated suction dredgers which are equipped with the latest dredger automated systems and dredge control systems. Our suction dredgers can be disassembled and transported by truck / low loader.

Important criteria for the extraction of sand and gravel from an extraction site include the local conditions, the dredge depth, the soil conditions, the dimensions of the extraction site and the relevant ecological regulations. On the basis of these parameters and the requirements of our customers we calculate the dredge costs per t sand/gravel.

Overhaul and Rebuild

In addition to designing and constructing new suction dredgers we have the necessary skills to overhaul or rebuild/modify existing suction dredgers and equip them with the latest technology.


Our clients may contact their contact person from the World Dredgers team around the clock, i.e., 24 hours. If possible, we will assist you to solve any problem which may arise via telephone but, if necessary, a technician will provide assistance on site within a short time.

World Dredgers BV keeps a large range of spare parts and wear parts in stock. In order to prevent unnecessary downtime leading to a production stop our clients may opt to have us check on the suction dredger technology and accessory equipment in intervals or conclude a maintenance contract for periodic inspections.

Repair and service on pumps

World Dredgers BV employs specially trained fitters who can carry out repairs on Warman pumps and other pumps. Of course, all maintenance and repair work can be carried out on site in your company.

Service, repair and maintenance

We are proud to be a service-oriented company with skilled technicians working for us who are available 24 hours a day to do maintenance and repair work for you. This applies both to the automated and electric units and for necessary work to be performed on pumps and suction dredgers.

Our headquarters in ‘S-Heerenberg has the technical facilities and devices to carry out this work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Of course, this work can also be carried out on site in your company.